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  • Central OK Bass Anglers Results Konawa Open by Michael ColeMember Profile, 2/27/2010 20:21 CT
    Category - Tournament Topics
    We had 24 teams competing in our first tournament for 2010. Zack Birge and Cougun Ledford attribute their winning stringer to Pepper Custom Baits 21.0 lb. included the big bass of the tournament too 8.9 lb. giant.

    Second was Danny and T. Isaacs with 17.86

    Central OK Bass Anglers Konawa Lake Results
    Saturday February 27, 2010 BB Total
    1.) Zach Birge and Cougun Ledford 8.90 21.00
    2.) Danny and T. Isaacs 6.32 17.86
    3.) Robby Johnson and Mike Zachery 6.30 16.28
    4.) Kevin Ledoux and Michael Mcguir 5.32 13.40
    5.) Marvin Williams and David Belvin 3.38 11.22
    6.) Brandon Moss and Jason Weedn 3.24 11.22
    7.) Louis Watts and Brett Steely 3.18 9.62

    Notice: we have reached our limit of 25 teams registered.

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